Race Morning

    • Bike Transition opens at 5:00AM
    • Personally rack your own bike by placing the back wheel in the bike rack at your race number location prior body marking.
    • Get body marked.
    • Only registered athletes are allowed in the transition area.
    • If your wheel does not fit into the wheel slot of the rack, notify a transition area volunteer. They will
      determine a location at the perimeter of the transition area where it can lean against the perimeter
      security railing. You will need to remember where it is located if not in a pre-numbered slot.
    • Place all Bike & Run gear on the left side (as seated on bike) of your front wheel on top of your
      numbered transition bag. Your gear will be re-bagged into your transition bag after you leave on run.
    • Do not place clothing, shoes towels, etc. beyond the front wheel of the bike. If items are beyond
      the front wheel of the bike, they will be moved by a transition area volunteer while you are on the swim course. In this event, they may not be in the order you would like them for a quick transition.
    • Mark all of your gear with your race number.
    • Do not block the traffic lane while in the transition area.
    • Do not remove the bike from the rack until you are ready to leave the transition area.
    • You may jog your bike (SLOW RUN) out of the transition area to the MOUNT LINE if conditions allow safe passage for you and all other athletes.
    • Do not mount your bike until you have crossed over the “MOUNT LINE”.
    • Upon returning to the Transition Area, you must DISMOUNT prior to the DISMOUNT LINE.
    • You may jog your bike (SLOW RUN) in the transition area to your pre-numbered bike slot, if conditions allow safe passage for you and all other athletes.
    • You are responsible for placing your bike in the bike rack correctly. Do not hand your bike off to anyone.
    • All relay members will tag off at the assigned numbered bike rack in the bike compound. Swimmers
    • must run from the swim finish to the bike compound where they will tag off with the relay biker at the bike.
    • Relay runners will tag off when the relay biker returns to the same assigned numbered bike rack.
    • Bikes and gear bags will have security until the end of the awards banquet. It is strongly encouraged that all bikes and gear bags be picked up prior to the awards ceremony. All bikes and gear bags must be
      retrieved within 1/2hour of the end of the awards so that the transition area may be dismantled. Any bikes left beyond this time, will no longer be secured.
    • Bike racks will be numbered beginning at the Mauka (Mountain) end of the front row closest to the transition area exit.
    • Two small kiddy pools filled with water will be placed at the Makai (Ocean)  for removing sand from your feet
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